Living Stories is a film production company that started because of a story.

There once was a man who worked in aged care. As part of his role he went to many funerals, and was surprised by how often a child would discover precious information about their parent that they never knew. There would be sadness and regret for the questions never asked and the conversations never had with their Mum or Dad.

Now imagine having the opportunity to reflect on your life and tell the story of who you are, your achievements, memories and experiences. Living Stories uses the gentle art of interview to help people reflect on their lives. The final film is shared with loved ones and often acts as a conversation starter.

In addition, we use our story focused filmmaking approach for businesses and organisations – with fantastic results. Our films create a better understanding of products and services, and bring clients closer to the core passion of the brand. After the film is created, we can develop short clips for social media, giving the organisation a full and extended use of the content.

We have had the privilege of creating many Living Stories since we started in 2010. It is rewarding and humbling to see how these films change relationships and bring people closer.

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