What We Do

Our work is to capture stories on film by conducting thoughtful and insightful interviews.

To create a Living Story we work with everyone involved, from those commissioning the film to the people who will be telling their stories.

The reasons for creating a Living Story can vary. The story may be to paint a picture of someone who has passed away, celebrate a wedding anniversary, celebrate a significant milestone for a school or pay tribute at an important historical event.

Before the camera is unpacked we meet with the interviewee to ensure that they fully understand the process.

The interviews are conducted by Alison Rogers, former ABC journalist, radio broadcaster and author. Alison’s experience in interviewing means she knows how to put people at ease.

The film can range from an unedited interview to a highly produced recording with overlay footage and photos.

We pride ourselves on working with you to create the product that you want. Every story is different and each one is treated with respect and care.

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